Lawsuit Settlement Regarding Naperville Pedestrian Accident

There has been a lawsuit settlement paid regarding a 2008 pedestrian accident that involved two pedestrians being struck by a police car in Naperville.

The settlement is discussed in the October 21, 2015 Daily Herald article titled “Pedestrians hit by Naperville police car get almost $670,000 in settlement.”

Two excerpts from the article:

Naperville has quietly paid nearly $670,000 to settle lawsuits from two pedestrians who were struck by the squad car of a Naperville police sergeant in 2008.


Marszalik, Sokolowski and Ellis were pedestrians crossing Aurora Avenue from south to north at Main Street in downtown Naperville on Oct. 19, 2008, when two of them — Marszalik and her brother-in-law Ellis — were hit by a squad car driven by then-Sgt. Ken Keating, according to a lawsuit filed in 2009 in DuPage County.

Additional details concerning this pedestrian accident lawsuit settlement can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Daily Herald article mentioned above.

Warning Concerning Potential Deer Collisions

Motorists colliding with deer are a significant cause of accidents in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued an October 14, 2015 news release regarding deer on the roadway.  An excerpt from the news release titled “Be Alert for Deer on Illinois Roads“:

The Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Illinois State Police today reminded motorists that this is the time of year to be on high alert for deer on Illinois roads.


The latest statistics show that motor vehicle crashes involving deer increased slightly in Illinois last year: 15,356 crashes in 2014, compared to 15,334 crashes in 2013. There were 14,847 crashes that resulted in property damage only in 2014, compared to 14,811 in 2013.

Despite the increases, there were fewer fatalities resulting from crashes involving deer: four fatalities in 2014, down from six fatalities in 2013. The number of injuries in motor vehicle crashes involving deer also declined, from 617 in 2013 to 570 in 2014.

On average, nearly half of all crashes involving deer in Illinois happen in October, November, and December. Approximately 80 percent of crashes involving deer happen on rural roads at twilight or nighttime.

With regarding tips to avoid accidents, the release offers the following suggestions:

• Reduce your speed near water, farm fields, and wooded areas; be prepared to stop.
• Deer will often cross roads and double back; make sure deer have moved away from the road before proceeding.
• If you see one deer, be aware that others may be close behind.
• Alert other motorists to the presence of deer by tapping your brakes.
• Don’t swerve into traffic or off the road if you see a deer; instead, slow to a stop.

The release also offers suggestions regarding what to do if one’s vehicle strikes a deer.

Another source of information on the subject is that provided by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.  Information from a 2011 press release concerning safety tips for avoiding deer collisions can be seen in the November 2011 post titled “Elevated Risk Of Deer-Vehicle Collisions In Autumn.”