Man Struck By Two Trucks On I-294 Near Burr Ridge

A man was struck by two trucks Wednesday (January 31, 2018) morning on northbound I-294 near Burr Ridge.  The pedestrian accident left the man with life-threatening injuries.

According to the Illinois State Police (ISP) the accident occurred at 9:59 a.m., at mile post 23.5.

The accident happened after a man driving a pickup truck northbound lost control of the vehicle and struck the guard rail on the right side of the roadway.

The driver exited the vehicle, and for a reason that is not completely understood (although discussed in the “The Doings” article of January 31, 2018 titled “Man runs into traffic after I-294 crash…“) the driver apparently walked or ran onto the roadway.  At that time, the man was struck by a semi truck and box truck.

The man hit, identified as a 46-year-old man from Glen Ellyn, was taken to La Grange Hospital for treatment of his accident injuries.

The accident remains under investigation by the Illinois State Police.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this DuPage County pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the January 31 Darien Patch article titled “Pedestrian Struck By Two Vehicles On I-294 Near Burr Ridge:  Cops.”

“Chain-Reaction” Crash On I-294 In Oak Brook Injures Three People

There was a “chain-reaction” crash on I-294 in Oak Brook Friday (January 26, 2018) morning.   According to information provided by the Illinois State Police (ISP) the crash involved a semi truck and four cars.

The crash occurred when a semi truck “rear-ended” a car, after which the “chain-reaction” crash occurred in which three other cars were involved.  The crash happened on I-294 near milepost 32.

One person suffered accident injuries that were considered to be serious injuries.  That person was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Two other people suffered minor injuries during the crash.

The accident investigation is being conducted by the Illinois State Police.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this DuPage County “chain-reaction” crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the January 26, 2018 Darien Patch article titled “5-Car Pileup Closes Traffic On I-294 Near Oak Brook” as well as the January 26 article (with crash scene photo and video) titled “3 injured in crash involving 4 cars, semi on SB I-294.”

Fatal I-294 DuPage County Collision Involving Pickup Truck And Semi Truck

A fatal DuPage County collision involving a pickup truck and semi truck was one of many county collisions that occurred on January 24, 2018. In the post of January 24, 2018 (“‘Black Ice’ Causes Many DuPage County Traffic Accidents“) the icy road conditions (including “black ice”) that caused many accidents was discussed.

The accident involving the pickup truck driver happened after the driver lost control of his truck on I-294 near Burr Ridge and collided with a semi truck.  The pickup truck driver suffered fatal injuries.

This fatal DuPage County collision was discussed in a variety of media sources, including the January 24, 2018 Darien Patch article titled “Truck Driver Killed In I-294 Crash Caused By Weather.”  An excerpt:

The fatal victim was traveling southbound on I-294 near milepost 24 in the Burr Ridge/Indian Head PArk area when he lost control of his car due to weather conditions, police said in a news release. A preliminary investigation shows his car spun out of control and struck the rear of a purple 1996 Kenworth Truck Tractor with Semi-Trailer that was driven by a 24-year-old man from Hoffman Estates.

According to the Illinois State Police, the pickup truck driver was a 38-year-old man from Waukegan.  He was taken by paramedics to La Grange Hospital for treatment of his accident injuries, where he died.

Paramedics went to the accident scene at approximately 5:40 a.m.

Additional details regarding these fatal DuPage County collisions in which icy road conditions existed can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

“Black Ice” Causes Many DuPage County Traffic Accidents

There have been numerous traffic accidents attributed to “black ice” this morning in DuPage County.

For those unaware of “black ice” and its effect on driving, “black ice” forms when temperatures drop below freezing, and for various reasons a thin film of clear ice forms on the roadway.   It is very slippery, and because it is clear it is very difficult to see, especially at night.  Furthermore, since it is hard to see, drivers often don’t have time to slow down before driving over the slippery areas.

The resulting very slick road condition has been the cause or contributing factor to many Illinois crashes and typically cause loss of vehicle control.  These loss of control accidents often lead to vehicle spinouts, vehicles leaving the roadway (“slideoffs”), and rollovers.  Trucks may “jackknife” or otherwise lose control.  Additionally, any time a vehicle leaves the roadway there is the potential for the vehicle to collide with a fixed object, such as a barrier, wall or tree.  Due to the serious nature of these crashes, as well as the fact that many occur at higher speeds, accident injuries can be serious and possibly life-threatening in nature.

DuPage County, and other Chicago area counties,  experienced “black ice” which caused numerous types of accidents on Wednesday (January 24, 2018) morning.

The slick road conditions and accidents are discussed in numerous articles, including the January 24, 2018 NBC Chicago article (with video) titled “Black Ice Causes More Than 50 Crashes on Chicago-Area Roadways” and the  January 24 Naperville Patch article titled “Crashes, School Closings, Power Outage Reported Due To Black Ice.”

Two excerpts from the NBC Chicago article:

Freezing drizzle made for dangerous driving conditions, causing more than 50 crashes in numerous Chicago suburbs Wednesday morning.


In DuPage County, nearly 20 crashes were reported in about 15 minutes everywhere from Bartlett to Wheaton to Lombard to Carol Stream.

Additional details concerning these slick road conditions and associated traffic safety concerns can be seen in the sources above.

Car “Sideswiped” During Crash On Plainfield Road In Burr Ridge

There was a “hit & run” car accident Saturday (January 20, 2018) in Burr Ridge.  The crash began when one car “sideswiped” another car.

The January 22, 2018 Burr Ridge Patch article (“Woman Injured In Sideswipe Crash On Plainfield Road“) discusses the accident.

An excerpt:

A 45-year-old woman who was driving on Plainfield Road in Burr Ridge on Saturday was hospitalized with minor injuries after her car was sideswiped by a vehicle. The crash victim was in a 2009 Honda vehicle attempting to turn left on Manor Drive at 6:14 p.m. when the unknown vehicle sideswiped her while eastbound on Plainfield.

This initial collision caused the Honda to then collide with another car.

So far the driver of the vehicle that fled the accident scene has not been identified.

While there are many reasons as to why a driver may want to leave the scene of an accident, common reasons include that the driver does not want to accept responsibility for causing a crash.  As well, the driver may be intoxicated by alcohol or may be driving while drug-impaired.  The increased frequency of drug-impaired driving, as well as other aspects of such “drugged driving” is discussed on the “Vehicle Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page.

Other reasons as to why a driver leaves the scene of an accident is that the driver may be wanted by police for a crime, and thus wants to avoid having to interact with police.

One Vehicle “Rear-Ended” Another Vehicle During Elmhurst Accident

Vehicle accidents in which one vehicle “rear-ends” another are common.   While many of these accidents are due to inattention on the part of one driver, there are many causes for such crashes.  Accident injuries can be serious in nature if the accident happens at higher speed.  Of the accident injuries that are likely to occur include “whiplash.”  Whiplash typically happens to the driver of the vehicle that is “rear-ended,” as that driver is subject to strong and unnatural physical forces that place high amounts of stress on various vulnerable areas such as the neck and spinal column.

There was a two-vehicle crash Friday morning (January 12, 2018) in Elmhurst that involved one vehicle “rear-ending” another vehicle.  One person was injured in the crash and hospitalized.

The crash occurred as two vehicles were traveling eastbound on St. Charles Road.  The accident involved a van “rear-ending” a truck at the Canadian National railroad tracks, near York High School.

The driver of the van had to be extricated from the vehicle, and was taken to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove for medical treatment for what were called “significant” injuries.

The accident investigation continues.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this DuPage County crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Chicago Tribune article of January 12, 2018 titled “2-vehicle crash in Elmhurst closes St. Charles Road; 1 injured” as well as the Daily Herald article of January 12 titled “One hurt in Elmhurst crash.”

Icy Conditions Cited In West Chicago Crash At Route 59 And Meade Road

Icy roadway conditions were cited in a car crash Sunday afternoon (January 7, 2018) in West Chicago.

An excerpt from the January 7, 2018 Daily Herald article titled “Four taken to hospital after West Chicago crash“:

Authorities responded about 4 p.m. to the multiple-vehicle crash at Route 59 and Meade Road, according to a news release from the West Chicago Fire Protection District. Crews called for backup to help free multiple people who were trapped in their vehicles.

Several people had to be extricated from vehicles.  Four people were taken to Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield for treatment of their accident injuries.

Freezing rain and sleet contributed to the icy roadway conditions.

This DuPage County accident remains under investigation by the West Chicago Police Department as well as the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the January 7, 2018 Arlington Cardinal article titled “Fatal Crash with 6 or More Injured at Route 59 and Meade Road, West Chicago.”

DuPage County Holiday Traffic Safety Enforcement Initiatives

Among cities in DuPage County that have conducted holiday period enforcement initiatives are Naperville and Elmhurst.  Typically, these special enforcement efforts are made around holidays as drunken driving, and the accompanying accidents, tend to be more frequent on and around holidays.  The traffic safety initiatives also focus on other goals such as enforcing occupants’ wearing of seat belts as well as watching for distracted driving.

Elmhurst announced a holiday safety campaign; that campaign is discussed in the December 26, 2017 article titled “Elmhurst police to conduct roadside safety checkpoint.”

The Naperville Patch article of January 3, 2018, titled “Naperville Arrest Totals For Holiday DUI Enforcement Period” discusses statistics from the Naperville Police Department’s special enforcement efforts.  As seen in the article, there were three arrests for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Also, as stated in the Patch article:

Over the enforcement period, police issued 30 citations for not wearing seat belts, 10 for speeding, three for uninsured motorists and one for a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

With regard to driving under the influence of drugs (also referred to as “drugged driving”) it has been increasing in the Chicago area and now has become a substantial traffic safety issue.  The topic is further discussed on the “Vehicle Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page.

An excerpt from that page:

Common drugs that have been used in Chicago-area “drugged driving” include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and meth.  In addition to these drugs, the National Institute of Health (NIH) lists many different types of abused drugs, which may cause significant impairment.  As seen on the “Commonly Abused Drug Charts” page, other such drugs include DMT, GHB, hallucinogens, inhalants, Khat, LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) and Bath Salts.

Different drugs can cause different types and levels of driver impairment.  As seen in the NIH “Drugged Driving” page, it can be seen that the effect of cocaine use is different than that of marijuana.

Additional details regarding the DuPage County traffic safety initiatives and related issues can be seen in the sources mentioned above.