DuPage County Drunk Driving Alleged In Fatal Pedestrian Accident

DuPage County drunk driving continues to pose a significant traffic safety problem. As discussed in various posts throughout this site, largely seen in “DuPage County DUI” category, DuPage County drunk driving has caused many accidents involving injuries. Drivers who are driving while alcohol-impaired have been involved in many serious accidents of various types, including “head-on collisions” and vehicles being “rear-ended” – sometimes at high speeds.

On Tuesday (February 19, 2019) there was an alleged DuPage County drunk driving accident. This fatal pedestrian accident happened in Downers Grove and involved a car that struck a pedestrian. The accident occurred outside of Downers Grove North High School at the intersection of Main Street and Grant street. The driver was later charged with felony aggravated DUI.

An excerpt concerning this alleged DuPage County drunk driving accident, from the February 22, 2019 NBC Chicago article (with video) titled “Man Charged With Felony DUI After Allegedly Striking Student With His Car,” regarding the Downers Grove student, Beth Dunlap, hit by the car:

Dunlap was struck by a car while crossing Main Street outside the school around 11 a.m. Tuesday, according to a statement issued by DuPage County police. 

Dunlap was within a marked crosswalk and had a “walk” signal, according to police, when Kucharski’s vehicle allegedly crossed into the oncoming lanes and entered the intersection on a red light, polcie said. 

Dunlap was injured during this pedestrian accident and on Friday (February 22) it was disclosed that she “would not recover from her injuries.”

The driver of the car was identified as Joseph Kucharski, 51, of Naperville. As seen in the NBC article, he faces aggravated DUI charges as well as one count of felony reckless driving.

Additional details regarding this fatal pedestrian accident allegedly involving DuPage County drunk driving can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the February 23 Daily Herald article titled “DUI, reckless driving charges issued after Downers Grove student suffers ‘unrecoverable injuries.”

Roadways Prone To Accidents Located In DuPage County

Roadways prone to accidents can occur for many reasons. Among these reasons are overly complicated roadway designs; too much traffic for a given roadway; a lack of suitable traffic control devices; and too little traffic safety enforcement. As well, in addition to these factors, accidents with injuries are more prone to happen if vehicles are traveling at excessive speed, as discussed on the “Speed As An Accident Cause And The Potential For Serious Injuries” page.

These roadways prone to accidents are a traffic safety concern as they often lead to accidents with injuries.  In the Chicago area there are many intersections which are considered due to various reasons to be “dangerous intersections” or intersections in which accidents frequently occur.  A broad range of accident types can occur, including “T-bone crashes”, “rear-end collisions,” pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.  Often, a history of frequent accidents will lead to changes in the design of the roadways and intersections to reduce the possibility of additional accidents.

NBC Chicago ran a segment (video and article) on February 6, 2019 titled “Chicago-Area Drivers Navigate ‘Confusing’ Intersections.”  The video shows various roadways and intersections in the Chicago area – including those in Chicago, and several in DuPage County – including Naperville, Lisle, and Clarendon Hills. 

An excerpt from the article:

NBC 5 Investigates contacted transportation experts and dozens of area police departments to learn what they considered to be the potentially confusing new or old roadway designs.

In the article and video, among the DuPage County roadways prone to accidents include the interchange at I-88 and Route 59 in Naperville and
Route 53 and Maple Avenue in Lisle.

Also shown in the video is the convergence of Holmes Ave., Eastern Ave., and Harrison in Clarendon Hills. This convergence is becoming less of a traffic safety issue due to increased stop sign enforcement.

Additional details regarding these DuPage County roadways prone to accidents can be seen in the article mentioned above.

“Hit & Run” Crash In Naperville On February 5, 2019

“Hit & Run” crashes continue to be a significant traffic issue. While there are many reasons as to why a motorist would choose to flee the scene of an accident, a common reason is that the driver is driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident and doesn’t want to be responsible for the crash. The driver may think that by fleeing the scene he may be able to “sober up” or otherwise not be tested as impaired if he is later caught.

Other reasons that might lead a driver to leave the accident scene is if the driver has been driving recklessly. Depending upon the characteristics of the crash, the driver – if caught – may face criminal charges and/or be held liable for the accident injuries caused to others.

On this site, various “hit & run” crashes that have occurred in DuPage County – and have involved injuries – are summarized in posts found under the “DuPage County Hit & Run” category. As seen in those posts, these incidents have occurred in various cities, including Lisle, Downers Grove, Burr Ridge, and Naperville. Some of the accidents involve injuries that have led to fatalities.

Another of these “hit & run” crashes occurred in Naperville on Tuesday (February 5, 2019) afternoon. Details on this incident appear limited at this time. The crash happened at approximately 1:00 p.m. in the area of Interstate 88 between Route 59 and Raymond Drive. This incident is discussed in various media sources including the February 5, 2019 abc7chicago.com article titled “Police search for hit-and-run driver in Naperville near I-88 and Route 59” as well as the February 5 Naperville Patch article titled “Hit-And-Run Suspect Sought In Naperville: Cops.”

Additional details and possible updates concerning these DuPage County “hit & run” crashes can be seen in the sources mentioned above.