Man Charged With DUI Following Naperville Accident

As discussed on the “DuPage County Vehicle Accidents” page, there are many potential causes of vehicle accidents.

Over the last few years, despite increased awareness of driving after drinking and increased enforcement efforts, drunk driving persists.  It remains a significant, if not substantial, traffic safety problem.  Not only are there numerous drunk driving accidents, drunk driving is often a root cause of fatal collisions, including “wrong-way driver” accidents.

The November 25, 2015 Naperville Sun article titled “Police charge Naperville man with DUI after SUV hits tree” discusses a vehicle accident in Naperville involving a man who crashed a SUV into a tree.  Following the November 20 accident, the man was charged with numerous charges, including DUI.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this DuPage County accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Naperville Sun article mentioned above.

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