Winter Weather Driving Issues

On December 1, 2015, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued a press release titled “‘Winter Weather – Get It Together’.” (pdf) This press release discusses safety tips and recommended actions to take in response to impending winter weather and the adverse driving conditions that will arise.

Two excerpts from the release:

“With temperatures dropping and some of the state already experiencing a first blast of winter, drivers should be aware of what they can do to keep safety their No. 1 priority,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn. “That means buckling up, slowing down, increasing traveling distances, and preparing to stay home if the weather is bad. By remembering the basic winter driving skills, together we can make this winter the safest one ever on Illinois roads.”


“Motorists should take every precaution to be prepared when traveling Illinois roadways this winter,” said Illinois State Police Col. Tad Williams. “Reduce speed and avoid unnecessary travel during winter storms. Always check the latest weather condition information on your radio or television before heading out. Keep a charged cell phone with you whenever possible and let someone know where you’re going,”

The press release also offers a number of tips and suggested actions for safe winter driving.  Among those suggestions include driving at slower speeds in adverse weather and to be free of distractions like handheld devices.

Additional details can be found in the IDOT press release mentioned above.

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