Car Accidents Involving Medical Emergencies

As discussed in various areas of this site – including the DuPage County Vehicle Accidents page – there are many potential causes for vehicle accidents.

One of the potential causes is accidents that happen when a motorist experiences a medical emergency or other health issue in which they are no longer able to sufficiently operate the vehicle.  Often, these crashes involving medical emergencies result in (total) loss of control of the vehicle, and as a result accident injuries can be serious, if not fatal.

A recent DuPage County accident in which a medical condition appears to be involved is discussed in the December 16, 2015 Daily Herald article titled “How Lombard woman trapped in burning car survived.”

As seen in the article, the car accident, which happened on September 30 in Naperville, happened after a driver had a “stress seizure” after which the vehicle “veered off the side of Warrenville Road near Washington Street” and flipped over.

The driver, Cathy Donahue of Lombard, had to be extricated from the burning vehicle by a group of people near the accident scene.  One person in particular,  Barbara Seleski of Wheaton, was later honored for her involvement in the rescue.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Daily Herald article mentioned above.

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