Icy Roadways Contribute To Many Accidents

Overnight and early this morning (January 12, 2016) there were reports of many car and vehicle accidents in the Chicago area, including in DuPage County.

Many factors made for slick and “icy” roadway conditions.  The area generally got about 3″ inches of snowfall .  This snowfall, combined with temperatures in the single digits, contributed to the slick conditions which led to many early-morning car accidents.  Many of these accidents included “spinouts” and “slideoffs” (i.e. where the vehicle slides off the roadway.

In addition to the various single and multiple-vehicle crashes, there were a number of “stalled” vehicles, with the cold weather likely contributing to the number of disabled vehicles.

Media sources that discuss various Chicago area crashes includes the CBS Chicago article (with video) of this morning titled “Slick Pavement, Drifting Snow Make For Brutal Start To The Day.”

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