Crashes Along Route 59 In Naperville

Often, vehicle accidents are “clustered” in various areas around a city or county.  These areas often include “dangerous intersections,” and once there is a history of accidents at these intersections, various road improvements and/or improved traffic control is implemented in order to reduce vehicle accidents.  Often, increased traffic (more than the roads are originally designed to handle) is a contributing factor to vehicle accidents.

The Daily Herald article of February 1, 2016, titled “Route 59:  Where most crashes occur in Naperville” discusses various areas in which notable numbers of crashes occur in Naperville.  Also discussed are “reengineering” efforts to improve traffic safety.

An excerpt from the article:

The three intersections with the most crashes last year in Naperville all had one thing in common: they were on the northern stretch of Route 59 in an area that was being rebuilt as part of a major construction project that ended in November.

The highest number of accidents in the city, 73, came at the intersection of Route 59 and I-88, police said. Route 59 and Diehl Road was not far behind with 67 reported crashes, and Route 59 and North Aurora Road came in third with 60.

Additional details regarding these crashes and efforts being taken to reduce them are seen in a variety of media sources including the Daily Herald article mentioned above.

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