Police Chase That Began In Lombard Leads To Multiple Accidents

Drivers that are attempting to elude police chases often pose threats to other vehicle traffic.  Drivers involved in such chases are trying to outrun police and often drive very recklessly as they try to elude capture.  These chases often lead to accidents, many of which injure innocent people.

Another example of accidents that happen during a police chase is seen in the events of a May 4, 2016 car chase that began in Lombard.

An excerpt from the May 5, 2016 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Mayor questions long police chase that caused two crashes“:

A suspect in a death investigation led police on a chase that started in west suburban Lombard and resulted in two crashes involving law enforcement vehicles in Chicago on Wednesday night before the suspect eluded authorities.

As seen in the article, one of the crashes involved a collision between a Chicago Police car and another vehicle at Congress and Leavitt.  In this crash, two police officers were injured and taken to area hospitals for treatment of their accident injuries.   The injuries were considered to be non-life-threatening in nature.

Additional details regarding this police chase and the resulting accidents can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Chicago Sun-Times article mentioned above as well as the May 5 CBS Chicago article (with video) titled “Police Chase Of Drug Death Suspect Leads To Multiple Crashes.”

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