DUI Enforcement Efforts In Carol Stream

On June 28, 2016 The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists of Schaumburg, Illinois published their 26th Annual DUI Arrest Survey. (pdf)

The survey covers DUI arrests for the year 2015. Nearly 700 Illinois police agencies were surveyed and 81% responded.

Notable excerpts from the Press Release include:

The Carol Stream and Rockford Police Departments are first in the state in DUI arrests among municipal departments with 464 arrests for 2015. (Because of its size, Chicago is in its own category.) Both of these departments have consistently ranked within the top eight departments in AAIM’s survey since 2007. “The men and women of this department work extremely hard arresting offenders that present a danger to all the people within the community. I am very proud to work with people dedicated to making the lives of all of our residents a little safer,” states Carol Stream Police Chief Ed Sailer.

As seen in the AAIM statistics, Carol Stream had 464 DUI arrests in 2015, which equates to a “DUI Arrest Rate” of 7.61 per officer.

The CBS Chicago segment (with video) of July 1, 2016, titled “Western Suburb Police Force Claims Title For Most DUI Busts In 2015” further discusses the driving under the influence enforcement efforts of Carol Stream.  Also mentioned is enforcement efforts to stop those driving under the influence of drugs such as marijuana and heroin.

Additional details regarding these drunk driving enforcement efforts can be seen in the AAIM and CBS Chicago sources mentioned above.

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