Additional Information Regarding April 8, 2017 Fatal Naperville Collision

In the post titled “Fatal Car Accident In Naperville At Ogden Avenue And Feldott Lane” an April 8, 2017 fatal collision between a Naperville Police car and another car was summarized.

Recently additional information has been released with regard to the collision, which led to the death of Phyllis C. Manderson,  73, of Naperville.

Recent findings by the DuPage County Coroner are discussed in the May 11 Naperville Sun article titled “Woman killed in crash with Naperville cop failed to yield, coroner’s report says.”  Notable excerpts from this article include:

An investigative report authored by Deputy Coroner Philip Mayer, which compiled information he received from DuPage County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Pufundt, an unnamed Naperville police official and a paramedic, said Naperville resident Phyllis C. Manderson was making a turn and “apparently failed to yield” the right of way to the approaching police vehicle.


Mayer said members of Manderson’s family insisted she “would not turn on a yellow light, and might (have) had a stroke or cardiac event.” Manderson had never received a traffic ticket, according to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.


DuPage County Chief Forensic Pathologist Hilary S. McElligott performed an autopsy April 10. Manderson suffered “multiple skeletal fractures” of her ribs, vertebrae, pelvis and upper extremities, and “died of multiple blunt-force injuries due to a motor vehicle accident,” McElligott concluded. The manner of death was ruled accidental.

Additional details regarding the crash as well as further discussion of Phyllis Manderson’s possible medical condition previous to the accident is seen in the article.

The May 12 Naperville Patch article titled “DuPage Coroner Issues Correction In Fatal Crash Involving Naperville Officer” also discusses the accident and additional clarifications made by DuPage County Coroner Richard Jorgensen.

Additional details regarding this fatal Naperville collision can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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