Car Accident Injury Lawsuits To Get Compensation

Car accident injury lawsuits are often filed in order to receive compensation for the injuries and other harm that have occurred. Car accident injury lawsuits are often handled by personal injury lawyers who are engaged to handle the negotiations, legal documents, court proceedings, and other aspects associated with the lawsuit.

When someone is involved in a car accident or other vehicle accident, a broad range of injuries and other harm can occur. As seen in Illinois statistics regarding vehicle accidents (as well as those for DuPage County) in many instances the vehicle occupants are not hurt during the crash. However, in a substantial percentage of such crashes, one or more vehicle occupants are hurt. Some injuries are minor injuries that will heal over time. However, a significant percentage of people hurt will have moderate or severe injuries, and some injuries will be critical injuries that will be life-threatening in nature.

When someone is injured during a vehicle crash, the type and extent of medical care required varies depending upon the injury or injuries. Typically, those injured will be first taken to the Emergency Room for assessment of the injuries, as well as emergency medical treatment. Some of the more significant injuries can require hospitalization, with some requiring extensive hospitalization.

Many types of injuries require that a medical test be performed. Depending upon the physical trauma that has occurred, surgeries and other medical procedures may be required. Following the medical care, injury recovery may dictate physical and/or occupational therapy. These therapies will help those who have been seriously injured to regain the ability to adequately perform tasks and other actions needed to successfully function.

A serious vehicle accident injury can occur during a variety of accident types. However, due to various factors, such as lack of structural impact protection, certain accident types tend to generate more severe injuries. Among these often traumatic accident types are pedestrian accident injuries, as well as injuries incurred during bicycle accidents.

This same lack of structural protection is often a factor injuries stemming from Illinois motorcycle accidents, including those that happen in various cities of DuPage County such as Downer’s Grove, Naperville, and Bloomingdale.

Another significant issue is whether the injury will cause a temporary or permanent impairment. Both of these issues, if present, will be an important determination with regard to the car accident injury lawsuit. An impairment can take many forms, but in general it will cause someone to loss the ability to function – either physically or mentally – in a normal fashion. Some of these impairments can be substantially life-altering. Among the types of injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent impairments, and the associated disabilities, are spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBI.) As further discussed on the “Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Resulting From Accidents” page, brain injuries range in their severity and impact. While some minor concussions will have effects that will subside over a few weeks’ time, more serious brain injuries can have substantial, long-lasting impacts that may be permanent in nature. Brain injuries often are complex in nature and can be hard to assess. Severe brain injuries can lead to an immediate fatality or a fatality within a day.

For those serious brain injuries that are not fatal, extensive medical care may be required. This medical care can include hospitalization, testing, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Symptoms of brain injuries include headaches; head pains; memory recall difficulties; loss of motor function; difficulty in performing tasks; and fatigue. As well, other symptoms can manifest depending upon the type of brain trauma.

There are many reasons why people injured choose a car accident lawyer to file a car accident injury lawsuit. Among these reasons is that an experienced car accident lawyer will have the knowledge, experience, negotiation skills and other necessary skills needed to get the most compensation for a given injury or injuries.

Among the types of compensation that can be sought include that for:

  • current and prior medical costs
  • future medical costs
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of consortium
  • impaired earnings capacity
  • loss of function
  • other miscellaneous expenses

For those individuals who have died in a vehicle accident that was the fault of another person, relevant parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the decedent (person who died.)

Elman Joseph Law Group has over 25 years of experience handling Illinois personal injury cases. We are car accident lawyers who handle personal injury lawsuits throughout Illinois, including Chicago area vehicle accidents like those in DuPage County.

During this time, the Elman Joseph Law Group has established a reputation for its court trial capabilities. As seen in many cases, this ability to go to court, as opposed to accepting a settlement offer, has often resulted in substantially more compensation for Elman Joseph Law Group clients.

The capabilities and litigation results of the Elman Joseph Law Group are further discussed on the “Lawsuit Results And Illinois Court Trial Capabilities” page.

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