Dangerous Intersections And The Potential For Accident Injuries

Identification Of Dangerous Intersections

There is no set definition of what constitutes dangerous intersections. Often, a junction will be deemed to be dangerous or unsafe if there is a large number of crashes.

There are numerous intersections in the Chicago area which are considered to be dangerous intersections. However, even if an intersection is considered to be unsafe, it can often take years for significant changes be made. These safety changes, often referred to as intersection improvements, can significantly alleviate or eliminate unsafe elements.

Characteristics Of Unsafe Intersections

Some conditions that often lead to intersection accidents include the following:

High volumes of traffic, especially if the roadway was not designed for high traffic volume

If an intersection experiences high traffic volume, and the intersection was not designed for the high volume, safety problems can occur. Often, the traffic congestion that occurs can lead some drivers to try to more quickly pass through the intersection. Attempts to accomplish this often leads to illegal and/or reckless driving. Some of these methods include running through red lights, failing to yield to traffic, and driving at excessive speeds in order to “make the light.”

Confusing intersection layouts

Certain intersections can have layouts that can be overly complex. Dangerous intersections are often overly complex.

While these intersections can occur anywhere, they seem to be especially prevalent in urban environments. Often, the complexity and confusion occurs if more than two streets meet at the junction. When more than two streets meet, significant ambiguity can occur, especially for drivers who are not familiar with the driving environment.

One aspect of the ambiguity is that motorists may not be aware of the potential traffic flow, and where the traffic flow can occur.

Poor visibility, which can include poor lighting

There are many factors which can lead to an intersection having poor visibility. Inadequate lighting can lead to unsafe conditions at night.

Another factor that can lead to safety issues at any time is if the stop lights have poor visibility.

Lack of adequate traffic control

Traffic control is often achieved through installation of stop signs and traffic lights. Roadway markings and other types of signs can also be used to regulate or manage traffic.

If these traffic control mechanisms are missing or poorly configured, there can be ambiguity with regard to how people should drive. This can lead to a hazardous traffic situation.

Inappropriate speed limit

If the speed limit is set too high, it can create an unsafe situation. This can create a situation where there is inadequate reaction time for drivers to react to changing traffic flow. One type of crash that occur if people are driving too fast is when a driver can’t stop fast enough to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of it. In these rear-end collisions, various types of injuries can occur, including whiplash.

Lack of dedicated turning lanes

One method to improve traffic flow and increase traffic safety at dangerous intersections is to install dedicated turning lanes. While these lanes are often installed during the construction of a busy intersection, older intersections that have seen an increase in traffic may not have them.

DuPage County Intersection Accidents

In DuPage County there have been many accidents at junctions. Some of these accidents causing injury have been summarized on this site.

A small sample of those summarized include:

  • A 2021 motorcycle accident near Washington Street and Royce Road in Naperville
  • A 2020 collision at the intersection of Mill Street and Diehl Road in Naperville 
  • A 2018 accident near the intersection of 75th and Lemont Road in Downers Grove
  • A 2017 crash at 75th Street and Naper Boulevard in Naperville

The 2017 crash mentioned above is particularly noteworthy. As noted in the post (“Traffic Crash At 75th Street And Naper Boulevard Intersection“) at the time of the accident the intersection had plans for intersection improvements.

The post titled “Naperville Intersection To Get Improvements For Traffic Safety” discusses aspects of an intersection that at the time was causing traffic safety problems at the 75th Street and Plainfield-Naperville Road intersection.

Reasons for accidents at crossroads are discussed on the “Intersection Accidents That Result In Injuries And Fatalities” page.

What To Do If Injured In An Accident

There are various actions one should take if injured in an accident. These steps are meant to safeguard one’s health and also help maximize the ability to get accident compensation if the crash was caused by another person.

With regard to the health situation, if someone is hurt during a crash the person should get a thorough medical examination. This medical examination is typically conducted at a hospital emergency room (ER). This examination serves various purposes. From a medical perspective, it can help identify all injuries – not just those that are evident. There are many injuries that may not be immediately apparent to the injured person. Some of these injuries can be serious in nature, and if they are not promptly and properly treated can create a serious medical condition. Among the serious injuries that can occur – but may not exhibit symptoms for a time – include traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding.

Once all injuries are identified, a proper course of medical treatment can be administered. Vehicle accident injuries can cause a wide range of injuries that can substantially range in severity. Depending upon the injuries, hospitalization, testing, surgeries, monitoring, and physical and/or occupational therapy may be among the treatment required.

This medical treatment often leads to significant, if not substantial, medical bills. As well, there can be many other financial burdens that can occur when someone gets hurt. For instance, during the injury recovery period, the person may not be able to work for a time. This will likely lead to a loss of income. For serious, permanent injuries, the person may not be able to return to the same job.

In order to get the proper amount of injury compensation, most people opt to file a personal injury lawsuit. For accidents that result in a fatality, relevant parties can seek compensation on behalf of the person killed through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Various types of compensation may be available to the injured person. These types include:

  • Medical costs (past, current and future bills)
  • Pain & suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Ambulance costs
  • Other economic damages

The Elman Joseph Law Group Can Help You Win Sufficient Compensation

The Elman Joseph Law Group is a Chicago personal injury law firm that has been helping its clients attain injury compensation for over 25 years. Over this 25+ years, the firm’s lawyers have attained many notable settlements and trial awards.

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