Darien Motorcycle Accident Leads To 2 Fatalities

A Darien motorcycle accident has led to the death of a second person. This Darien motorcycle accident (apparently) occurred on Monday, September 27, 2021.

This fatal Darien motorcycle accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the October 6, 2021 Darien Patch article titled “2nd Death In Darien Motorcycle Crash: Cops.” An excerpt from the article, mentioning the two people riding on the motorcycle, Ronald J. Circelli, 57, and Laura Bala, 57, both of Cicero:

About 6:30 a.m. Sept. 27, Darien police received a call from a passerby who saw a motorcycle in a ditch between North Frontage Road and the Cass Avenue ramp to southbound Interstate 55, according to a police statement to Patch. Officers found Circelli and Bala next to the motorcycle, police said.

A preliminary investigation showed the motorcycle was traveling east on North Frontage when it left the roadway through a fence and down an embankment, police said.

Laura Bala was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Ronald Circelli passed away from his accident injuries this week.

As noted in a related article, the stretch of roadway where the motorcycle crash occurred apparently has a sharp curve.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Darien motorcycle accident can be seen in the article mentioned above.

Loss of motorcycle control continues to be a leading cause of Illinois motorcycle accidents. Many motorcycle accidents of this type have been summarized on this site.

Accidents of this type can occur for many different reasons. Often, an accident investigation determines the reason for the crash. Due to the nature of these crashes, as well as other factors, motorcyclists (and, if applicable, passengers) are often seriously injured. Many of these crashes lead to life-threatening injuries, and in some of these incidents fatalities occur.

Loss of control accidents are further discussed on the “DuPage County Accidents Involving Loss Of Control” page.

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