Distracted Driving Associated With Drivers Using Car Technologies

“Distracted Driving” continues to be a serious concern to traffic safety.  As discussed on the “Distracted Driving” page, there are many types of activities that can cause a driver to become inattentive during driving.  As seen in the statistics discussed, distracted driving continues to be significant, despite various efforts and laws that have been enacted in Illinois and other states in order to reduce its frequency.

Two of the sources of “distracted driving” listed on the above-mentioned page is operating dashboard technologies and operating car entertainment systems.

Recently, the AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety released a report concerning infotainment and other dashboard technologies and their impact on the incidence of distracted driving.

The study is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the October 5, 2017 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Technology crammed into cars worsens driver distraction.”  Notable excerpts from the article include:

But Jake Nelson, AAA’s director for traffic safety advocacy and research, said drivers testing all 30 of the 2017 model year cars and light trucks took their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel while using infotainment systems. The test drivers used voice commands, touch screens and other interactive technologies to make calls, send texts, tune the radio or program navigation all while driving.


Programming a destination into in-vehicle GPS navigation systems was the most distracting activity, taking drivers an average of 40 seconds to complete the task. At 25 mph (40 kph), a car can travel the length of four football fields during the time it takes to enter a destination. Previous research has shown that drivers who remove their eyes from the road for just two seconds double their risk for a crash.

The study also mentions what is commonly believed to be the most frequent form of driver distraction, that of texting.

Additional details regarding distracted driving and car technologies being a source of driver inattention can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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