Drivers High On Marijuana And Associated Traffic Accidents

Drivers high on marijuana as well as under the influence of other drugs has been increasing over the last few years. While there are many drugs that these “drugged drivers” use, marijuana continues to be one of the most commonly used drugs. Drivers high on marijuana is further discussed on the “‘Drugged Driving’ Accidents Involving Marijuana Use” page.

As discussed on that page, drivers high on marijuana can be impaired in many different ways. These various types of impairments can result in the driver not being able to properly and responsibly operate a vehicle.

There have been many instances, some discussed on this site, of accidents that have been caused by drug-impaired drivers. As seen in various accidents in the Chicago area, accidents caused by drug-impaired drivers often involve serious injuries, including those that are life-threatening and fatal.

There was a Lisle traffic accident that allegedly involved a driver who was driving under the influence of marijuana. This accident occurred Monday (January 20, 2020) along Route 53. The “drugged driver” reportedly crossed the center line and was involved in a “head-on collision.”

This Lisle traffic accident is discussed in a number of media sources, including the January 21 Daily Herald article titled “Lisle police: Driver was high on marijuana at time of crash.” An excerpt:

A 20-year-old Wheaton man is accused of driving under the influence of cannabis and possessing it illegally after a head-on crash in Lisle, authorities said Tuesday.

Cole T. Dixon, of the 1400 block of Falson Court, has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of cannabis after police say he drove into opposing lanes of traffic at 7:23 a.m. Monday on Route 53 near Main Street and struck another vehicle head-on.

The drug tests performed on Dixon are discussed in the article. As stated, they included a drug recognition exam.

Additional discussion of the Lisle accident and the broader issue of drivers high on marijuana can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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