“Drugged Drivers” Accidents And Associated Injuries

On the “Vehicle Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page, various aspects of vehicle accidents due to a driver being impaired by drug use are discussed.  Accidents in which the driver is impaired by drug use have been increasing in nature, as seen in various statistics.  While the type and level of impairment caused by this drug use varies because of many factors, many accidents in DuPage County as well as the greater Chicago area have involved a “drugged driver.” Accidents involving “drugged drivers” have caused a wide range of serious injuries, including injuries that have directly or indirectly (after a time period) led to fatalities.  The page discusses several serious Chicago-area crashes that have involved “drugged drivers,” including those in Riverside, Prospect Heights, and a few in Chicago.  These accidents included a variety of drugs, and the accidents resulted in a few fatalities.

In the post titled “Fatal Wheaton Crash Involving Car Traveling At Speed Of 135 mph,” a September 30, 2017 fatal “rear-end” collision in Wheaton is discussed.  New information has subsequently been released with regard to the driver (Brian Thunderkick) and his actions.

An excerpt from the Daily Herald article of October 6, 2017, titled “Petition:  Suspect driving 135mph in fatal Wheaton crash tested positive for barbiturates“:

The petition indicates the DUI kit performed on Thunderkick is not complete. A test of Thunderkick’s urine, however, came back positive for barbiturates, the petition states.

Investigators discovered after getting a search warrant for the car’s “black box” that the Camaro was traveling at 135 mph upon impact, the petition states.

During an interview with Wheaton police, the petition alleges, Thunderkick told officers that he “wanted to open it up” and that he had the gas pedal “all the way down.”

Additional details regarding “drugged driving” as well as the September 30 fatal Wheaton crash can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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