Icy Road Conditions Cause Many DuPage County Crashes

There were a number of vehicle crashes Thursday (April 19, 2018) morning in DuPage County.   Icy road conditions contributed to or caused these crashes.  Some of the crashes happened on Route 83.  In some of these accidents people were injured and required hospitalization.

Sleet, rain, and snow, as well as cold temperatures, contributed to the slippery road conditions.  In some cases roadways had to be salted before safe travel could be resumed.

Numerous types of crashes and loss of vehicle control accidents occurred, including collisions and “slide-offs.”

The crashes and injuries are discussed in a variety of media sources, including the April 19, 2018 The Doings article titled “Three taken to hospital after ice causes crashes on Route 83 between Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills” as well as the  April 19 NBC Chicago article (with video) titled “Slick Road Conditions Across Chicago Area Make for Dangerous Commute.”

The Doings article discusses various crashes, including those involving one vehicle getting “rear-ended” by another.

Another type of crash is discussed in the NBC Chicago article.  An excerpt:

Two crashes occurred on the Cermak Bridge, according to police, who said they shut down the bridge because of icy conditions.

After 6 a.m., a car flipped over the Cermak Bridge guardrail at Gardner Road, officials said, landing below.

Of the people that were injured, it appears as if all of the injuries were non-life-threatening in nature.

Additional details and possible updates concerning these DuPage County crashes caused by icy road conditions can be seen in a variety of sources, including those mentioned above.

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