The Potential Severity Of DuPage County Pedestrian Accidents

As seen in many DuPage County pedestrian accidents, when a person is hit by a car or other vehicle a broad range of pedestrian accident injuries can occur.  While these injuries vary in severity, many are serious in nature and often can be life-threatening.  As seen in the many DuPage County pedestrian accidents that have been summarized on this site, these accident injuries can lead to either death or various types of permanent impairments.

The “DuPage County Pedestrian Accidents” page further discusses the nature and types of injuries, as well as what steps to take if you have been hit by a vehicle.

Among the more serious types of pedestrian accident injuries are those involving head injuries.  There are many incidents in which someone has been hit by a vehicle in the Chicago area and has suffered a traumatic brain injury, which is often referred to as a TBI.  One DuPage County pedestrian accident that led to the death of a woman due to a brain injury occurred in Naperville on November 1, 2016.  That accident is discussed in the November 18, 2016 post titled “Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) In Chicago-Area Pedestrian Accidents.”

A recent pedestrian accident that occurred at an intersection in St. Paul, MN illustrates the potential severity of such a head injury as well as its long-term impact on one’s functionality.  The accident, head injury, and its impact on the pedestrian’s (Joy Hundley) health is discussed in the February 22, 2018 article titled “No prison time for man who fractured pedestrian’s skull in St. Paul drunk-driving crash.”

Two excerpts:

Joy Hundley couldn’t be at the sentencing for the man who, while driving drunk, struck her in a St. Paul intersection as he was on her way home from work last September.

Instead, the 51-year-old was at a nursing home, where she’s expected to spend her foreseeable future after sustaining a traumatic brain injury in the accident.

The mother of four daughters — her youngest is 13 — slid under Gary Thomas Schmalz’ vehicle when he struck her at the corner of Fillmore and Robert streets about 9:20 p.m. Sept. 27, 2017.


She was rushed to Regions Hospital, where she subsequently had to undergo seven surgeries to keep her alive. A portion of her skull was removed during one of the operations due to the magnitude of swelling in her brain.

Additional details regarding the long-term health impact of the pedestrian accident injuries as well as additional details regarding the accident can be seen in the article.

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