2017 Road Construction Plans In DuPage County, Illinois

Often roads that experience high numbers of accidents will be targeted for safety improvements.  Such traffic safety improvements can take a number of forms, and may include new and/or improved traffic lights, stop signs, and other traffic control devices.  As well, additional and/or widened lanes can serve to improve traffic safety and to relieve traffic congestion.

Recently The County of DuPage has announced its 2017 Proposed Construction Program.  As seen on the construction announcement:

The 2017 Proposed Construction Program incorporates the County’s priority to maintain our existing infrastructure while at the same time implementing projects to improve safety and relieve congestion.  In 2017, approximately 42 lane miles of County highways are proposed to be patched and resurfaced to improve rideability and to extend the service life of these roadways.  Major projects include improvements on County Farm Road, Powis Rd at Illinois 64, Winfield Road, 75th Street.  County Farm Road from Schick Road to Lake Street will undergo safety improvements including a right turn lane addition at Schick Road, median separation through the “S” curve and high friction resurfacing.  Powis Road at Illinois 64 will be widened and permanent signals installed.  Winfield Road bridge over Springbrook Creek will be rehabilitated.  Finally, 75th Street at Book Road intersection improvements will include lengthening the existing left turn lanes on 75th Street, constructing a southbound right turn lane and modernizing the traffic signal to provide left on arrow only for 75th Street.  The 2017 Proposed Construction Program totals $21.3M.

Additional details can be seen on the County of DuPage site as well as the March 13, 2017 mysuburbanlife.com article titled “DuPage County announces $21.3 million in 2017 highway construction projects.”

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