DuPage County Road Hazards

On the DuPage County Vehicle Accidents page, vehicle accidents and related statistics with regard to DuPage County accidents are discussed.  Various reasons for such accidents are mentioned, and these reasons range from distracted driving to “failure to yield” accidents.

Another reason for accidents is road hazards.  Road hazards can take many forms, and include items and/or conditions that arise that are either irregular and/or unexpected.  For instance, a stalled vehicle that doesn’t have its lights on at night is a form of a road hazard, as it presents a clear and unexpected danger to motorists.

Often, road hazards involve objects on the roadway that shouldn’t be there, and present a hazard to motorists as they can cause vehicle accidents if they are hit.  These objects include such things as cargo that has fallen from trucks or other vehicles; excessive water or snow that has accumulated on the road surface; excessive gravel that makes braking difficult; and (very) large potholes that may cause damage and/or loss of control to vehicles if they are “hit.”

Another type of road hazard is “flying tires” or wheel separations.  In these instances, a vehicle has “lost a tire” or wheel, and these present a hazard to motorists who are traveling in the path of the wheel or tire as it rolls down the roadway.

While the danger of these “projectile tires” and wheel separations don’t seem to occur often, they do happen, and have caused Chicago-area accidents, with some being fatal.  One example of a Chicago-area fatal accident is discussed in the July 2014 post titled “Driver Killed On Bishop Ford Freeway After SUV Wheel Hits Windshield.”

The November 3 abc7chicago.com article (with video) titled “Freak flying tire accidents slipping under the radar” discusses how such accidents may be happening on a more frequent basis than one may suspect.  As well, the article and video discusses reasons for such “flying tires” and wheel separations.

An excerpt from the article:

“The incidence of wheel separation is actually very under reported,” says Mark Bailey, an engineer with MEA Forensic. “The best estimates are probably at least 50,000 times a year in North America wheels will fall off vehicles.”

The video also shows an actual incident in which a tire hits a windshield, and the speed at which such a tire can travel is mentioned.

Should you be injured in a vehicle accident that is caused by the negligence of others, there are various steps that you should take to protect both your health as well as your potential ability to get compensation for your vehicle accident injuries.

From a health perspective, it is important to get a thorough medical exam after a vehicle accident.  The reasons for this are discussed in the “Getting A Medical Exam After A DuPage County Accident.”

From a legal perspective, it is recommended that you speak with a personal injury lawyer to determine what steps you should take to maximize your potential for injury compensation.

The Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury cases involving vehicle accident injuries for over 20 years.  During this time the law firm has handled over 10,000 personal injury cases, and has gained a reputation for its court-trial performance.  More details on the Elman Joseph Law Group can be found on the “DuPage County Car Accident Lawyer” page.

The Elman Joseph Law Group offers a free legal consultation to discuss your accident and injuries.  Tony Elman,  principal trial attorney at the Elman Joseph Law Group, can be contacted at (773) 392-8182.  During this consultation, you can discuss the accident and your injuries and ask whatever questions you may have with regard to the legal process.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC handles such Illinois personal injury cases on a “contingency basis”…you will not be charged legal fees unless and until there is a monetary recovery.

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