DuPage County Truck Accident Injuries And Fatalities

Reasons For Truck Accidents

Truck accidents continue to happen in DuPage County. Truck accidents are noteworthy in that they typically result in serious accident injuries. Many of these serious injuries are life-threatening, and some result in fatalities.

Due to the physical characteristics of trucks, there are many reasons why collisions involving trucks usually involve serious accident injuries. Due to their weight and size, any collision between a large truck and another vehicle is typically very forceful for those in the other vehicle.

As well, due to various reasons stopping a truck quickly can present many challenges. There have been many accidents in which a truck has not been able to stop quickly enough and as a result has run into the back of another vehicle. Depending upon the speeds and other factors involved, accidents in which a vehicle gets “rear-ended” by a truck can be highly traumatic.

There are also many issues that involve trucks and the potential for a loss of vehicle control. This loss of vehicle control can happen in various adverse weather conditions, such as during hard rainfall or snow and ice. Loss of control can also occur if the truck is improperly loaded or the truck experiences a tire blowout.

Truck Driver Errors And Negligence That Results In Accidents

“Drowsy driving” has been the reason for various truck accidents over the last few years. In many of these cases the truck driver is driving while fatigued because of the length of time the driver has been on the road. In other notable accidents, the truck driver has actually fallen asleep at the wheel.

While there are regulations as to how long a driver can be behind the wheel, sometimes these regulations are disregarded.

Many other truck accidents occur due to truck driver error. Various statistics involving these errors, as well as the type of errors involved, are discussed on the “Will County Truck Accidents” page.

DuPage County Truck Accidents

There have been many truck accidents that have occurred in DuPage County. Those accidents that have been summarized or otherwise discussed in this site can be found in posts under the “DuPage County truck accident” category.

One of those accidents occurred on March 4, 2021. In that collision, a semi truck ran into a SUV that had stalled on I-88 in Lisle. The collision led to one fatality and two people being injured and hospitalized.

On August 3, 2020 there was another fatal accident in which a car was hit by a truck that was traveling behind it. That accident happened on I-290 west of North Avenue. In that accident the driver of the car was fatally injured.

On September 4, 2018 there was another I-88 accident in which a truck rear-ended a SUV. In that collision the driver of the SUV was hospitalized.

What To Do If Injured In A Truck Accident

In each of these three expressway accidents, a truck rear-ended another vehicle, which caused injury or death to the person in the other vehicle.

As with any injury sustained during a vehicle accident, there are a variety of steps that should be taken following being hurt. One major issue is getting prompt and proper injury treatment. It is important to get a prompt medical evaluation in order to determine what the injuries are and what medical treatment may be needed. This evaluation is typically done in the hospital emergency room (ER).

The medical evaluation is also important to determine what, if any, injuries have occurred that are not yet apparent to the injured person. Some types of injuries only become apparent a while after the accident. Some of these injuries, even though they are not apparent, can be very serious in nature – to the point of becoming life-threatening if not promptly treated. Among these types of injuries are various types of severe head injuries and internal bleeding that can occur in the body.

Getting Compensated For Accident Injuries

As mentioned above, accidents involving trucks typically result in serious accident injuries and fatalities. Due to the types of injuries that can occur and their severity, extensive medical treatment is often required. Due to the extent and duration of the medical treatment, which may require hospitalization, testing, one or more surgeries, and subsequent rehabilitation medical bills can be substantial.

As well, if there is a significant injury recovery period, the person may not be able to work for a time. During this time, there may be income lost to the inability to work. This lost income may further present financial challenges.

Many people who are injured due to no fault of their own pursue injury compensation through filing a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit can pursue compensation due to the harm caused by the accident as well as various accompanying hardships such as lost income. For accidents in which a person is fatally injured, relevant parties can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the decedent.

Contacting The Personal Injury Lawyers At The Elman Joseph Law Group

The Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits for over 25 years. During this time the firm has established a reputation for its litigation capabilities due to its ability to getting notable amounts of compensation for its clients.

Some of the notable settlements and verdicts won by the Elman Joseph Law Group, as well as awards, are discussed on the “DuPage County Car Accident Lawyer” page.

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