Use Of Electronic Communication Device Cited In Fatal Accident

A fatal November 21, 2017 accident in Naperville in which a man was struck by a car is discussed in the post titled “Man Struck By Car In Naperville Dies Following Accident.”

Additional details regarding the accident have become available.

This additional information is seen in various media sources, including the February 23, 2018 Positively Naperville article titled “Police provide update to fatal traffic crash.”

As seen in the article, Naperville Police have said that the driver of the car (Steven R. Holmes) has been charged with aggravated use of an electronic communication device and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

Those with additional information concerning this DuPage County fatal accident are asked to contact the Naperville Police Department’s Traffic Unit at (630) 420-8833.

On this site, the topic of distracted driving is further discussed on the “Distracted Driving” page.  As seen on that page, distracted driving can be caused by the driver being involved in many different activities while driving.  While many different activities can lead to distracted driving, the most common action is texting while driving.

The increase in distracted driving over the last few years has been cited as a major cause of vehicle accidents.

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