Fatal Lisle Collision Results In Three Accident Fatalities

A fatal Lisle collision occurred early Saturday (October 30, 2021) morning. This fatal Lisle collision led to the deaths of three people. Details regarding the accident appear limited at this time. The reason for the accident does not appear to be publicly disclosed.

An excerpt regarding this two-car collision, from the October 30, 2021 Daily Herald article titled “Three people killed in Lisle crash“:

Three people, including two men from Naperville and Aurora, were killed in a fiery crash early Saturday in Lisle, police said.

The crash happened around 1:15 a.m. at Warrenville Road and Navistar Drive. A police spokesman said it appears to have been a T-bone crash. Both vehicles were sedans.

According to the article, one vehicle only had a driver in the vehicle at the time of the accident. The other vehicle contained three vehicle occupants.

Two of the three people who suffered fatal injuries died at the accident scene. The other person who died, a female back-seat passenger, died after being taken to the hospital.

Anyone who has information regarding this fatal Lisle collision are asked to contact the Lisle Police Investigations Unit at (630) 271-4200.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the article mentioned above as well as other media sources.

Many accidents occur at intersections. The “Intersection Accidents That Result In Injuries And Fatalities” page discusses various reasons for accidents at intersections. There can be various types of crashes that can occur, resulting in injuries that widely range in both type and severity. Some of the worst accidents occur when one vehicle “runs a red light” and collides with another vehicle. These collisions often occur “at speed” and can be very physically traumatic to vehicle occupants. Exacerbating the severity of these crashes is that often vehicles that “run a red light” do so at higher speeds. At times these vehicles are traveling significantly in excess of the speed limit.

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