Fatal Pedestrian Accident Trends And DuPage County Injuries

Pedestrian accident trends continue to be problematical, both on a national as well as a local (Chicago area) basis.

Many statistics show that pedestrian accidents, including fatal pedestrian accidents, are at high levels when viewed from a historical basis.

On this site, various aspects of pedestrian accidents – including both medical and legal issues – are discussed on the “DuPage County Pedestrian Accidents” page as well as the “Injuries Resulting From DuPage County Pedestrian Accidents” page.  As discussed on those pages – as well as seen in DuPage County pedestrian accidents summarized on this site – accidents in which people are hit by vehicles often result in serious, if not life-threatening, injuries.  Many such injuries are fatal in nature.

In DuPage County, recent pedestrian accidents have occurred in Naperville, Woodridge, Downer’s Grove, Lisle, Darien, Warrenville, and near Burr Ridge.  As seen in the summaries, these crashes have led to many types of injuries that vary in severity.  Even for those injuries that do not lead to fatalities, medical treatment of such injuries often includes extensive hospital stays and additional care such as physical rehabilitation.

Recently the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) issued a report titled “Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State:  2017 Preliminary Data.”

The report discusses recent trends in national fatal pedestrian crashes, and reasons why the recent number of fatal injuries are at historically high levels.

An excerpt from the report summary:

States reported a total of 2,636 pedestrian fatalities for the first six months of 2017. Adjusting the raw data based on past trends, GHSA estimates that there were 5,984 pedestrian fatalities in 2017, essentially unchanged from the 5,987 pedestrians killed in 2016.

The report also explores potential contributors to the high number of pedestrian fatalities, considering factors including state legalization of recreational marijuana and the dramatic growth in smartphone use.

Additional details regarding the nature and trends in pedestrian accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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