High Speed Driving Incident In Naperville

Speeding – especially that which occurs substantially over the speed limit – has been the cause – or significant contributor to – of many serious Illinois accidents. ┬áSome of this high speed driving is due to street racing.

As such, any high speed driving is notable.

A recent item in the October 28, 2014 Naperville Sun, in an article titled “Teen clocked at 106 mph in 45 mph zone in Naperville” is notable:

Nathan E. Miller, 18, Plainfield; charged with speeding in excess of 35 mph over the limit at 10:48 p.m., after he was seen driving 106 mph near Bailey Road and Plainfield-Naperville Road, in a 45 mph zone.

Additional traffic incidents and violations – some involving crashes – can be seen in the Naperville Sun article mentioned above.

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