Loss Of Control Accident Occurs At Westmont Pizzeria

A loss of control accident in Westmont on Thursday (July 19, 2018) evening.  The car then crashed into a Westmont pizzeria.  While there were many people in the restaurant at the time, none were injured.  The driver of suffered minor injuries.

This DuPage County loss of control accident is discussed in the July 19, 2018 CBS Chicago article (with video) titled “Car Crashes Into Westmont Pizzeria.”  An excerpt from the article:

The restaurant staff says a man in his late 50s was in the process of parking outside. They say he may have had difficulty with his shoe or became disoriented, eventually hitting the gas and plowing into Papa Passero’s with enough force to hit through a patio gate, furniture, and into one of the walls.

As discussed on the “DuPage County Accidents Involving Loss Of Control” page, there are many factors that can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle.  Often, such a situation leads to a crash, especially during certain situations such as if the vehicle is traveling at higher speeds or if the vehicle leaves the roadway during the loss of vehicle control.

Some loss of control accidents are due to defective vehicle parts or components.  Other loss of control accidents are the fault of the driver, and may be due to driver error or due to driver distraction.

Additional discussion of these loss of control accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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