DuPage County Accidents Involving Loss Of Control

DuPage County car accidents (as well as other accidents, such as those including motorcycles, trucks, and pedestrians) can happen for many reasons; one of the primary reasons continues to be a driver’s loss of control of the vehicle.

This “loss of control” is often cited as an accident cause.  On this site, various DuPage County loss of control accidents have caused both fatal and non-fatal injuries.  As seen in posts, such loss of control accidents have included a Jeep striking a pedestrian in Naperville, causing life-threatening injuries.  This accident was summarized in the November 1, 2016 post titled “Jeep Strikes Pedestrian In Naperville Causing Loss Of Control.”

Vehicle loss of control can also occur for medical reasons, including seizures, heart attacks, and strokes.  Such appears to be the reason behind a July 2016 crash in Aurora.

Vehicle rollovers have led to various crashes as well.  Rollover accidents usually happen for a number of reasons, and are notable in that they typically cause serious accident injuries and in many cases fatal accident injuries.  Rollover accidents are further discussed on the DuPage County Vehicle Rollover Accidents page.  Various recent crashes involving rollovers have been summarized on this site.  Those crashes included:

  • a fatal rollover accident on I-355 near Woodridge
  • a fatal rollover accident in Clarendon Hills
  • two rollover accidents in Naperville
  • a rollover accident in Bartlett
  • a rollover accident in Lisle
  • a fatal rollover accident in Elmhurst

These crashes, as well as others in Illinois involving loss of control, have many different characteristics and causes.  Some of the more frequent causes are discussed below.

Reasons For Loss Of Control

Given the frequency of these types of accidents – as well as the serious accident injuries that often accompany such accidents – from a traffic safety perspective it is worthwhile to review various reasons for such crashes.   While the reasons for such crashes are numerous, some common reasons include:

Road Hazards

DuPage County road hazards have been discussed often on this site, and these traffic hazards often cause loss of control.  Such road hazards can occur in numerous forms.  Often, such road hazards are dangerous as they are unexpected.  Common road hazards can include large potholes or other roadway deformities, such as cracks, ruts, or broken (including “buckled”) pavement.  Another type of road hazard includes debris on the roadway, which can include items dropped from trucks and cars.  This cargo, as well as other debris that may fall from other vehicles (such as detached wheels, tires or tire treads) can appear quickly, and as such leave little reaction time for drivers.  One recent notable Elk Grove Village accident (“Road Hazard Causes Route 53 Accident Injury In Elk Grove Village“) involved a wheel lost from a trailer, which then went into opposing lanes and struck a SUV’s windshield.  The driver suffered a head injury as a result.

Another road hazard that has caused numerous instances of Illinois accidents is that of vehicles colliding with deer.  Deer can cross the roadway unexpectedly, and their movements can be highly difficult to anticipate.  While deer can present a hazard at any time, deer on the roadway are especially likely in the fall.  (Tips for minimizing risk posed by deer are seen in the post titled “Car-Deer Collisions And Tips On How To Avoid Them.”)

Any such unexpected road hazard can cause the motorist to lose control as an attempt is made to avoid such a hazard.

Distracted Driving

There are many activities that may cause a driver to be “distracted.”  Commonly-cited reasons for distracted driving include the usage of electronics, such as mobile phones for talking or texting.  However, there are many other activities which can cause a driver to be “distracted” or otherwise “inattentive.”  These other activities can include eating, drinking, operating the stereo, or even talking with other occupants in the car.  Any of these activities can cause a “loss of control” accident with injuries if the driver is sufficiently distracted.

Excess Speed

Operating a vehicle too fast for conditions often proves problematical from a control standpoint.  Such excess speed is especially dangerous when driving around a curve or into a corner; however, it can present a problem during many different circumstances.

One particularly dangerous driving activity involving speeding is that of street racing and drag racing.  This unsanctioned racing, which is typically done on city streets, has been a source for many crashes and fatal accidents.  Drivers and passengers involved in the race can be hurt, as well as others who may not be involved in the racing.

Also of concern is excessive speeding involving a single vehicle.  One such incidence of high-speed driving is summarized in the October 30, 2014 post titled “High Speed Driving Incident In Naperville.”

Getting Hit Or “Cut Off” By Another Vehicle

Another reason for loss of control of one’s vehicle is when another vehicle hits you or “cuts you off.”  This may range from a car hitting you from behind (i.e. your vehicle getting “rear-ended”) or from the side.  In such circumstances, depending on various factors, you may lose control and be forced into a crash.  Another instance in which a vehicle may lose control is if another vehicle suddenly comes into your lane ahead of you at a slower speed, i.e. the other driver “cuts you off.”  You may lose control of your vehicle as you attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead of you.

Loss Of Control Caused By Rain, Snow And Ice

As the winter season is relatively long in DuPage County, there are many accidents that can be caused by (freezing) rain, snow and ice.  There have been many accidents – some fatal – in DuPage County and the greater Chicago area that are caused by snowy and icy conditions.

Mechanical failures

There are many types of mechanical failures that can occur.  Perhaps the best way to minimize and/or eliminate the risks of such mechanical failures is to perform regular vehicle maintenance checks, and otherwise be aware of the normal service life of various vehicle components, such as tires and brakes.

Driving After Drinking (DUI) 

Driving after drinking is a primary cause of serious accidents, many of which are fatal.   These accidents often involve a loss of control, due to various effects alcohol has on the ability to properly operate a vehicle.  On this site, accidents in which the driver has been charged with DUI are summarized under the DUI category.  These DUI accidents have occurred in cities including Naperville, West Chicago, and Addison.

Another source of impairment while driving is that of driving while intoxicated on drugs.  This can include both impairment from drugs as well as inhaling chemicals, including “huffing.”

Loss Of Control Of Motorcycles

“Loss of control” is often cited as a cause of DuPage County and other Illinois motorcycle accidents.  DuPage County motorcycle accidents involving loss of motorcycle control that have been summarized on this site include those featured in the “Naperville Motorcycle Crash Involving Loss Of Motorcycle Control” post as well as that titled “Fatal Motorcycle Crash Near Downers Grove.”  Various aspects of motorcycle loss of control are further discussed on the “Motorcycle Loss Of Control Accidents” page.


The above discusses various reasons for a possible loss of vehicle control.  As discussed, these loss of control accidents often result in accident injuries – and in many cases either life-threatening or fatal injuries.

Should you be injured in an Illinois accident, there are a variety of steps you should take to both protect your health and your legal rights, including your rights to potential injury compensation.

Steps to take from a medical perspective – and why to do so – are further discussed on the “Important Reasons For Getting A Medical Exam After An Accident” page.

From a legal perspective, it is highly recommended that you speak with an Illinois personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.  There are various steps you should take to protect your legal rights and to help you maximize the potential to attain compensation for your accident injuries and other harm that may have occurred.  [For those that have died due to accident injuries, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.]

If you were injured in an accident, call Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney at the Elman Joseph Law Group, at (773) 392-8182 to discuss the accident and see what legal actions may be taken.  This legal consultation is provided free of charge and is confidential in nature.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has been handling Illinois personal injury cases for 25+ years, and during this time has handled over 10,000 personal injury cases.  Through this extensive experience we have built a reputation for our court trial performance.  As seen in many cases, this successful trial experience may (substantially) increase your potential accident injury compensation.

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