Naperville Traffic Accidents On January 9, 2017 Due To Weather

Naperville experienced several traffic accidents on Monday afternoon (January 9, 2017) which are being attributed to weather and driving conditions.  Varying amounts of snow fell on the Chicago area in the late afternoon, causing hazardous driving conditions and traffic accidents in some areas.

The Naperville Sun article of January 10, 2017, titled “Snow at rush hour stymied plows, led to 8 crashes, official says,” discusses the roadway conditions and the eight Naperville traffic accidents.  No accident injuries were reported in the crashes.

The article does mention the existence of “black ice” on some roads.  For those unaware, “black ice” is a thin coating of clear ice that forms over a roadway.  It creates a very slippery condition that is especially hazardous as it can be very difficult to see, especially at night.  If a vehicle goes over “black ice,” often a loss of vehicle control occurs.

“Black ice” is the cause of many serious accidents and accident injuries.  Due to the speeds involved, “black ice” that forms on highways and expressways is particularly problematical.

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