Roads In Poor Condition And Possible Road Hazards

There are various types of road hazards, and these road hazards can be caused by a variety of factors.

In the October 25, 2016 Joliet Patch article titled “57,544 Miles of Bad Road:  See Where Illinois’ Roads Rank Against the Rest of the Country,” the subject of Illinois roads in poor condition is discussed.

An excerpt from the article:

Illinois has the 25th worst roads in the country with 18.8 percent of its 306,806-mile road system in poor condition.

Illinois’ road system in the third largest in the country, 24/7 Wall Street said.

While roads in poor condition don’t necessarily lead to accidents, there are a variety of roadway conditions that can lead to accidents.  For instance, tire blowouts as well as other loss of control accidents can happen if a large pothole or other roadway deformity is hit by a vehicle.  As well, deteriorating roadways can lead to other problems, such as gravel and other roadway debris being present on the roadway.  While such debris isn’t necessarily a large potential threat to most vehicle drivers, gravel can be potentially problematical for some roadway users, and can lead to motorcyclist accidents.

Road hazards caused by various factors, including poorly maintained roads, are further discussed on the “DuPage County Road Hazards” page.

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