The Danger Posed By Road Hazards In DuPage County

There are many reasons why vehicle accidents occur.  One reason is when a road hazard causes a vehicle to crash.  These crashes caused by road hazards are often serious in nature as they frequently happen at higher speeds, such as when a car is traveling on a highway or expressway.

The subject of road hazards – and the danger they pose to motorists – is further discussed on the “DuPage County Road Hazards” page.  An excerpt from that page:

Another type of road hazard is “flying tires” or wheel separations.  In these instances, a vehicle has “lost a tire” or wheel, and these present a hazard to motorists who are traveling in the path of the wheel or tire as it rolls down the roadway.

A fatal accident of that type occurred on March 6, 2018.  The accident happened on I-80 near Joliet.  The accident is summarized in the post titled “Road Hazard Causes Fatal I-80 Accident Near Joliet.”  As seen in that post, the accident happened after a wheel hub assembly, which typically weighs 100 lbs, fell of off a semi truck.  This item then traveled into the opposing lanes of the expressway and hit an oncoming SUV.  The SUV’s windshield was struck and the driver was killed.

Lawsuits can be filed over accident injuries caused by road hazards.  A fatality that occurs in an accident such as that mentioned above, if caused by the negligence of another person or party, often leads to the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.  These lawsuits are often filed by relevant parties on behalf of the person that has died, i.e. the decedent.

The subject of wrongful death lawsuits – including the types of situations that may lead to the successful filing of a wrongful death lawsuit – are further discussed on the “Wrongful Death Lawsuits Stemming From DuPage County Accidents” page.  One such wrongful death lawsuit was filed after a Naperville accident in which a person who was walking was fatally hit by a car.

Additional details concerning these topics can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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