Roadways Prone To Accidents Located In DuPage County

Roadways prone to accidents can occur for many reasons. Among these reasons are overly complicated roadway designs; too much traffic for a given roadway; a lack of suitable traffic control devices; and too little traffic safety enforcement. As well, in addition to these factors, accidents with injuries are more prone to happen if vehicles are traveling at excessive speed, as discussed on the “Speed As An Accident Cause And The Potential For Serious Injuries” page.

These roadways prone to accidents are a traffic safety concern as they often lead to accidents with injuries.  In the Chicago area there are many intersections which are considered due to various reasons to be “dangerous intersections” or intersections in which accidents frequently occur.  A broad range of accident types can occur, including “T-bone crashes”, “rear-end collisions,” pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.  Often, a history of frequent accidents will lead to changes in the design of the roadways and intersections to reduce the possibility of additional accidents.

NBC Chicago ran a segment (video and article) on February 6, 2019 titled “Chicago-Area Drivers Navigate ‘Confusing’ Intersections.”  The video shows various roadways and intersections in the Chicago area – including those in Chicago, and several in DuPage County – including Naperville, Lisle, and Clarendon Hills. 

An excerpt from the article:

NBC 5 Investigates contacted transportation experts and dozens of area police departments to learn what they considered to be the potentially confusing new or old roadway designs.

In the article and video, among the DuPage County roadways prone to accidents include the interchange at I-88 and Route 59 in Naperville and
Route 53 and Maple Avenue in Lisle.

Also shown in the video is the convergence of Holmes Ave., Eastern Ave., and Harrison in Clarendon Hills. This convergence is becoming less of a traffic safety issue due to increased stop sign enforcement.

Additional details regarding these DuPage County roadways prone to accidents can be seen in the article mentioned above.

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