Wood Dale Motorcycle Crash Leads To Fatal Accident Injuries

Wood Dale motorcycle crash led to a fatality. This Wood Dale crash, which happened on Saturday (May 2, 2020) morning, involved a motorcycle and car.

Many details regarding the accident – including the circumstances and reasons for the accident – appear to be not publicly disclosed at this time.

An excerpt from the Chicago Sun-Times article of May 4, 2020, titled “Woman, 19, killed in Wood Dale crash: medical examiner“:

A motorcycle and vehicle collided about 11:30 a.m. May 2 at the intersection of Wood Dale Road and Elmhurst Street, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

Angel Marie Foerster, of River Grove, was pronounced dead about 12 hours later at Lutheran General Hospital, the medical examiner’s office said. Autopsy results found she died of injuries sustained in the crash and ruled her death an accident.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Wood Dale motorcycle crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.

There can be many types of injuries that result from a DuPage County motorcycle accident. When someone is hurt during such a crash, it is recommended that the person gets a thorough medical exam as soon as possible. There are many reasons – both medical and legal – for this recommendation. One benefit of having such an exam, which is typically conducted in the hospital emergency room, is to thoroughly identify all accident injuries so they can be properly treated.

Among the many types of accident injuries are those that are classified as internal injuries. These internal injuries, although they can be very serious in nature, may not be immediately apparent after a crash. It is imperative that they are treated promptly and properly. The subject of internal injuries, and their health implications, that occur during motorcycle accidents is further discussed on the “Internal Injuries That Occur During Motorcycle Accidents” page.

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