Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Regarding Fatal Naperville Pedestrian Accident

There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed in DuPage County regarding the pedestrian accident that led to the death of Emily Driscoll, 22, of Naperville.  That fatal accident happened on November 9, 2014 in Naperville at the intersection of Book Road and Rickert Drive. [On this site the accident was summarized in the November 10, 2014 post titled “Fatal Pedestrian Accident In Naperville.”]

The lawsuit was filed by Emily Driscoll’s family, against the driver of the car, Kenneth E. Holmberg, of Plainfield.

An excerpt from the Daily Herald article of March 20, 2015, titled “Naperville crash victim’s father sues driver who hit her“:

Holmberg was cited several days after the crash by Naperville police for disobeying a red light and failing to exercise due care to avoid the crash.

An excerpt concerning the wrongful death lawsuit, as seen in the March 21 Naperville Patch article titled “Family of Naperville Woman Killed While Walking Her Dog Sues Driver“:

The lawsuit alleges wrongful death and suggests Kenneth Holmberg, 74, drove with “willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons and property.”

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the Daily Herald and Naperville Patch articles mentioned above.

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